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    Surface Heating Systems

    Surface Heating Systems


    Capricorn surface heating and cooling systems are advanced solutions that enable free room temperature control both in winter and summer. The essential idea behind our systems is the transfer of heat over the entire heating surface (floor). Greater heat-transfer surface helps to reduce the supply temperature while ensuring comfortable ambient temperature.

    The main component of the underfloor heating system is the heating plate (radiator), i.e. coil pipes installed under the floor to carry the heating agent transferring heat to the air.

    We offer a wide range of models to meet the specific needs and requirements of every user. Capricorn surface heating and cooling systems are designed for use in residential buildings, single- and multi-family houses, gym halls, football fields and sports courts, parking lots, industrial facilities, civil engineering structures or places of worship and religious buildings. The choice between underfloor, in-wall or ceiling heating systems should only be made based on project-specific needs and requirements.

    Underfloor heating systems can be divided according to the method of screed (flooring) installation into several types designed for installation using pipe mounts:

    • Underfloor heating system:
    • installation using plastic clips and Tacker staples
    • installation using plastic Clip rails
    • installation using AluPlate aluminium heating screens
    • installation using insulated AluPlate aluminium heating screens
    • In-wall heating system:
    • installation using plastic Clip rails
    • installation using AluPlate aluminium heating screens    

    Surface heating and cooling systems consist of top-quality mounts and installation components that enable proper positioning and fitting of the underfloor or in-wall (heating or cooling) system. Components:

    • Capricorn 5-layer PE-RT/EVOH/PE-RT surface heating pipe
    • Manifolds, manifold cabinets, mixing sets
    • Mounts and installation components
    • System insulation plates, AluPlate aluminium heating screens
    • Actuators, electrical control components
    • Tools for pipe preparation and installation

    All system components with the Capricorn logo are manufactured in accordance with European technical standards and quality requirements of ISO 9001:2009 as well as existing construction standards and regulations. Additionally, as a manufacturer, we always take care to ensure optimum matching of all parts and components.

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