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    Mounting elements

    Mounting elements

    PIPE HOLDERS made from plastic, with diameters in the range from Ø8 to Ø35. In our offer you will find a wide range of single and dual holders from the A,E and F series, available in versions:

    • with a wall peg
    • with a double threaded screw
    • or with a wall peg.

    In addition, we also have metal holders for mounting pipes with diameters in the range of ø3/8”-6”, as well as single arm and double arm holders made of polypropylene and nylon.

    ROSETTES for masking ares, in which mounted pipes pass through walls and ceilings. They are made of plastic and are available in white or silver (single or dual). They are ideally suited for finishing installation work.

    BEND FORMERS stifferning pipes of lotw-temperature installations, made from nylon with15% of glass fibers with high resistance to crushing, breaking and cracking. They protect pipes from breaking down and provides greater rigidity and stability of the floor heating installation's supply line. Our offer includes bend formers in the following sizes:

    • 10÷12mm
    • 14÷18mm
    • 20÷22mm
    • 25mm or 32÷34mm.
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