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    Manifold cabinets

    Manifold cabinets

    Our manifold cabinets are an aesthetic and functional form of housing for manifolds of heating and sanitary installations, enabling these devices to be placed anywhere in a building, without impairing the architectural values of the facility.

    The offer of Capricorn cabinets includes both under-plaster and over-plaster cabinets, available in a wide range of sizes, enabling any kind of manifold for radiant and surface heating to be fitted into them.


    The high quality paint coating of the blend and doors, as well as the galvanized sheet body, guarantee the highest corrosion resistance. The different depths of our cabinets enable mounting both manifolds with pump-mixing sets (deep cabinets) and without a set (shallow cabinets).

    Capricorn cabinets also include the DiviBox model, made of modern ABS plastic, whose structure enables to paint the cabinets in any colour (using latex paint) and DIY cabinets for self-mounting - which, thanks to a specially designed construction, are much faster and easier to install.

    TECHNICAL PARAMETERS of manifold cabinets:

    Available versions: from 2 to 16 circuits


    • under-plaster cabinets

    • over-plaster cabinets

    Material: galvanised steel (body), powder painted steel or ABS* (blend and doors)

    Colour: white

    * cabinets from the DiviBox series

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