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    Edge strips

    Edge strips

    Edge strips which act as expansion joints, are available in versions with a layer of assembly adhesive, regulation notches regulators and a sealing overlap. A wide range of strips provides enables to choose the right strip that will meet the needs of a specific investment.

    Capricorn edge strips are made from low-density polyethylene, with a density of 25kg/m3. We offer strips in rolls with a length of 25 or 50mb. The collective packaging in the form of a foil bag contains 7 rolls with a height of 15 cm or 8 rolls with a height of 13 cm.

    TECHNICAL PARAMETERS of Capricorn edge strips:


    • Edge strip: LDPE with a density of 25kg/m3  
    • Overlap (foil): PE 
    • Thickness: 8mm (Tolerance: 6,5-8,5mm)
    • Available in a height of 13cm or 15cm
    • Length: 25mb or 50mb
    • Colour: yellow or blue

    Available versions:

    • with cuts (notched)
    • notched with overlap
    • notched with 3 cm adhesive layer
    • Notched with overlap and 3 cm adhesive layer
    • notched with overlap and wide adhesive layer (8 or10cm)
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