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    Capricorn Magazine

    Capricorn Magazine

    Over the past decade, Capricorn has undergone a remarkable metamorphosis, during which we have transformed from a local entrepreneur to a manufacturer of components and subassemblies for heating and sanitary systems - one of the major manufacturers on the Polish and foreign markets.

    Capricorn Magazine is not just the history and record of events of the last thirty years, since the establishment of Capricorn ... for us it is first and foremost an expression of the philosophy of Capricorn, a means by which our Customers and Counterparties can learn more about the company and the people behind the Capricorn sign.

    We invite you to read our magazine, starting with the first issue, in which we explain why our trademark is the Capricorn, and ending with the issue in which we take our readers to the near but entirely new VISION OF THE FUTURE of Capricorn S.A.

    The editors of Capricorn Magazine by Capricorn S.A. Texts of subsequent issues of Capricorn Magazine





    A few words about our history - how it all started. Why our trademark is the Capricorn and where its strength lies. Capricorn Magazine 1 - 25 years of Capricorn.


    No. 2SPRING / SUMMER 2013

    Over 14 million PLN allocated for development and investment. At least 20 New Products. A 40% increase in export sales per year - Capricorn in figures. Read about it in Capricorn Magazine 2.


    No. 3SPRING / SUMMER 2014

    Made by Capricorn - all about the small and large changes in Capricorn, on the canvas of which the Capricorn Quality philosophy was established. Read about what this means for us in the third issue of Capricorn Magazine.