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    Capri Floor pipe

    Capri Floor pipe

    The PE-RT/EVOH/PE-RT Capri Floor pipe was designed and manufactured for surface heating/cooling installations, produced according to the ISO 21003-2 norm. Thanks to the fact that we have our own production line and testing laboratory, we guarantee 100% control over the various stages of production and quality control.


    1. EVOH anti-diffusion layer - protects against oxygen ingress

    2. Increased resistance to pressure and heat (max 6 bar and 70˚C)

    3. High chemical resistance

    4. High mechanical resistance

    5. Easy to install

    Quality Assurance - it meets the requirements of the EN ISO 21003 and DIN 4726 norms

    TECHNICAL PARAMETERS OF the Capri Floor pipe:

    • Max temperature 70°C*
    • Max pressure 6 bar
    • Diameters available:
      • 15x2
      • 16x2
      • 17x2
      • 18x2
      • 20x2
    • The material used for the production of the pipe is the latest generation of polyethylene with increased temperature resistance PE-RT Type II - DOWLEX 2388, characterized by far better technical properties than PE-RT Type I.
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