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    Press fitting Capricorn new models

    Press fitting Capricorn new models

    The QualiPress System is a state-of-the-art complete fitting system, comprsing superior five-layer composite pipes and brass fittings within the diameter range of 16-32 mm. A wide range of fittings makes it possible to carry out any type of installation, both for heating and utility water.


    The QualiPress procedure involves pressing a ring around a pipe in which a fitting connector is set. Double o-ring sealing integrated in the fitting ensures leak-tightness of joints and trouble-free operation of the system. The QualiPress System is a perfect solution for both designing new and renovating existing internal central heating systems, surface (floor, wall) heating and cooling systems, and hot and cold utility water systems. 


    The fittings are parts which join pipes in heating and drinking water systems. The materials used allow for their use in contact with drinking water. The QualiPress fittings combine many years of expertise and experience, approved technical solution and high-class materials famous for their outstanding strength and resistance to corrosion. As a result, we have an innovate fitting system. 


    • versatile connector compatible with the most commonly used jaw profiles, including U and TH 
    • precision-made parts guarantee safety and facilitate installation 
    • double sealing ensures reliability and safety of system operation 
    • multi-purpose plastic rings isolate brass bodies from aluminium layers in multi-layered pipes, and ensure that the pipe is seated properly, as well as precisely position the jaws on the fitting